By providing an understanding of the many software tools available, and the essential design techniques necessary, Beginning Design for 3D Printing is the go-to-guide enabling anyone to create just about anything on a 3D printer. This book with demystify the design process for 3D printing, providing the proper workflows for eager artists, seasoned engineers, 3D printing entrepreneurs, and first-time owners of 3D printers to ensure that their original ideas can be 3D printed.

Using this book, you will learn how to design for both prototyping and additive manufacturing. You will understand the fundamental differences between organic modeling tools, hard edge modeling, and precision, CAD-based techniques. Broken down are the fundamental design concepts for 3D printing that will illustrate the differences between splines, polygons, and solids. Users will also get a deep understanding of procedural modeling techniques that will enable highly complex designs and mass customization for 3D printing.

Whether you are a student on a budget or a company exploring R & D options for 3D printing, Beginning Design for 3D Printing will provide the right tools and techniques that will ensure 3D printing success.

What you’ll learnLearn the differences between the software modeling tools available for 3D printing.

Understand the fundamental design concepts and definitions in the 3D modeler’s toolkit.

Learn the best tool for the project, and how to design 3D printable objects quickly and efficiently.

Learn the differences between organic, hard edged, and precision based CAD techniques

Avoid common design errors and mistakes that can lead to frustration.

Ensure cost-efficient designs through optimization techniques.

Create a range of objects from simple every-day designs to complex, articulated assemblies that are printable

Gain an understanding of advanced procedures that exemplify how, in 3D printing, "design complexity is free".Who this book is for

Beginning Design for 3D Printing is for anyone interested in essential 3D printing design techniques. This book is intended for artists, designers, engineers, students and entrepreneurs wanting to create their own original content for 3D printing.